"The Voice Intensive offered not only a daily practice for my craft, but for living more mindfully and presently in each moment in my life.  I gained a lot of clarity, and of course some confusion, and feel confident in knowing what I need to work on next." – Caitlin

"I enjoyed the experience of being, the emphasis on exploration and discovery, and the joy that’s been the dominant atmosphere.  The passion for the work, it’s really a delight to be in the midst of a community organized by this."  - Noel

"My experience far exceeded my expectations. The program creates a space that begins an exploration of the holistic nature of the voice, integrating voice and movement and text in a way that encourages living one’s life with every BREATH. 

These five weeks have been some of the most significant of my life for both my craft and the rest of my life." – Emma

"My expectations were met.  However, I now have more questions than ever."  – Tom Bradshaw

"I know when I’m telling the truth and when I’m full of shit…"     – Taylor

"The everything of everything. I loved the interweaving and overlapping of the elements of what we were taught. I loved the care that was put into a gradual deepening of the work." – Chari

"It was a joy, a pure joy, to return to a full practice in an environment of support, knowledge and safety.

 I learned so much about my craft and…myself.  I am taking away more enlightenment and knowledge that I could have ever anticipated."  – Carly Frisen

"When I finally used the shoulder blades to lift my arms.  A tingling thrill.  When I lay on my side in David’s class and could feel the bones of my skull vibrating from the earth.  When I stopped shifting in my hips as a habit and grounded myself, I felt the vibrations I sounded from deep in my belly.  Amazing."  – Olesia