Core Voice

Join Gerry Trentham and Guest Artist VI alumni and Broadway performer Matthew Rossoff in this one/two day exploration of movement and rhythm in text. Sharpen your preparation for presence on stage, deepen your breath and thought source for gesture, voice and text. The performer, whether singing, dancing or acting, has to develop a voice and body that resonates truth. Begin or augment your journey with these powerful performer/teachers who have studied voice/ body synthesis as a fundamental aspect to their renowned performance success. 
Gerry Trentham has been a core faculty member of CNVI for the past 22 years where he has become a leader in the integration of movement and voice training forms. His teaching is sourced in his 35 year performance career where he continues to tour through North America and beyond renowned for his performances.
Matthew Rossoff has had the rare opportunity to be invited to be an associate with CNVI.  Combining his experiences on Broadway and music theatre with a depth and understanding of the voice/body relationship, his teaching of cultivating body presence is a unique and exciting way to integrate personal investigation of text and image with external movement, gesture, and choreography.  
These two artists will bring their teaching work together and provide a provocative, challenging and safe atmosphere for learning. 
Day One will be training through unique voice movement practices to free the voice and body to support the performed moment. Day Two will be a coaching day where after further moving/voice morning practice each participant will work to hone individual material and apply the work in solo performance. 
Wear clothing that is comfortable to move in.  The temperature in the studio sometimes fluctuates, so bring additional layers. No street shoes on the stage/studio floor, so if you require shoes, bring clean indoor soft-soled shoe.
Come prepared with one contemporary or classical monologue or song.
ENROLLMENT: Apply early space may be limited. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis.
SCHEDULE:  10:00 am to 5:00 pm 
LOCATION: SUNY Buffalo State Theatre and Dance
Warren Enters Theatre, 1300 Elmwood Ave, Buffalo NY 
COST:  ONE DAY Cost: $95USD/$75 with registration by Dec 21, 2018 
           TWO DAY Cost: $170 USD/$140 with registration by Dec 21, 2018 
DEADLINES: Jan 10, 2018/Early Bird Discount Dec 21, 2018

HOW TO APPLY:  To register email

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