Director’s Note

It is a great honour for me to lead a faculty team who are constantly researching, and delights so much in the sharing of their research that the core faculty has met each January for the past thirteen years for a winter colloquim where we present, share and examine the research that each of us is doing. Even during the Intensive, we are constantly sharing our investigations with each other and encouraging new ideas to be tested out in the work. This has created an open dialogue that allows for adjusting and refining our curriculum. Great appreciation is due to Gary, Dawn, Ian and Lisa in text work, Gayle, Gerry and Cindy in the blending of physical and vocal training, Dale’s examination of both the Roy Hart training and Jungian research, Brad’s movement work, and Judith in the arts of precision and the balance between the bones and the action. 

As the Intensive has grown, we have developed a wonderful support system in the second and third generation of teachers: Cindy Block, Brad Gibson, Lisa Beley, and Olivia Olsen. It is also important to acknowledge former colleagues who brought skills to the Intensive: Rod Menzies, Christine Menzies and Eric Armstrong, my colleague at York University. 

In 1985, when we set up the first Voice Intensive as part of the Summer Institute, we started at Simon Fraser University. It was a place for performing artists to examine and re-examine their crafts, focusing on the voice aspect. A primary purpose of the Voice Intensive was to address the vocal needs of the professional performers in the western provinces, but we quickly were attracting artists and teachers from across the country and abroad. Two years ago we relocated to Toronto and are excited by this year's relationship with the CIT: Centre for Indigenous Theatre.

Our programs success is due to the ongoing support of our presentation partner, pounds per square inch. 

And none of this would exist without the teachings of Iris Warren and my fiery dragon of a teacher, Kristin Linklater.

I thank you all.

David Smukler