Dale Genge

Dale Genge

Founding Core: BFA University of Victoria CMA (Certified Laban Movement Analyst)
Other voice training:
Stratford Festival with David Smukler and Patsy Rodenburg.
Banff Centre with Richard Armstrong

Dale Genge is the Head of Voice for Studio 58, Western Canada’s professional conservatory theatre-training program in Vancouver, Canada, at Langara College, where she has taught for 35 years. The influences of her studies have led her into the exploration of the blending of voice, movement and text work with the roots of metaphorical language through the body’s imagination.

After receiving her BFA in Directing from the University of Victoria, she was inspired by David Latham to study voice and movement. Dale moved to New York where she took classes in voice in with Bobby Troyka, who was trained by Kristin Linklater, and body awareness and movement through Alexander technique, Feldenkrais and the work of Kinetic Awareness with Elaine Summers. She became a Certified Laban Movement Analyst. Then she focused on voice and classical text and worked at the Stratford Festival with David Smukler and Patsy Rodenburg. She traveled to Boston to work with Kristin Linklater and Tina Packer at Shakespeare and company’s winter Intensive. She studied with Judith Koltai in Syntonics and Authentic Movement. Later, she was mentored by Richard Armstrong at the Banff Opera Program in the tradition of the Roy Hart voice work, extending her experience of the human voice. Dale then took part in a leadership training program with Jungian Analyst Marion Woodman, Ann Skinner and Mary Hamilton, incorporating creative imagination, voice, movement, myth and poetry into Carl Jung’s understanding of the symbolic imagination through the body, particularly focusing on working with women.

Most recently she has been exploring the nature of breath through Ilsa Middendorf’s Breath Experience work, and to delve into the imaginal world of the elements in relation to speech sounds with Olivia Olson in London England. She has also been studying neurobiology, to help understand the roots of language, emotions and sensations of the body. Throughout this time Dale has had a continuous meditation practice, and integrated mindfulness practices into her teaching. All of these different studies of voice, body awareness, imagination, breath, speech, neurobiology, mindfulness and deep poetic and symbolic language have shown Dale how all these seemingly separate strands need to be unified in actors’ training: each a part of the other. Her curiosity has been to explore ways of integrating these streams into clear processes for the actor.

As well as teaching at Studio 58, Dale is a founding faculty member of The Canada’s National Voice intensive. She has coached at Bard on the Beach, and other theatre and dance companies in Canada and the US and has worked as a voice coach on over 100 plays. She has taught workshops in voice for women in Canada and the United States and Europe. She has taught for the Marion Woodman Foundation in Switzerland. For the last five years she has been on the faculty of the Banff Centre’s Writing Studio, teaching voice to writers and poets.

Dale has been working on a book for a number of years, exploring metaphor and text from the body.