Judith Koltai

Judith Koltai

Founding full-time faculty member, emeritus.
Inventor of the somatic practices SYNTONICS® and EMBODIED PRACTICE®;Diplome Technique Corporelles Thérèse Bertherat, Paris, France; MA in Counselling Psychology; BFA in Theatre and Developmental Drama; Member of the Academy of Registered Dance/Movement Therapists (DMTCB).

Entering the labyrinth of our body with consciousness as our guide, we access the depths of our whole being. Judith Koltai

Judith Koltai is an internationally renowned movement specialist and founding full-time faculty member, emeritus. She has dedicated her professional life to pioneering a unique approach to physical practices in psychotherapy, education, physical rehabilitation and the performing arts.

She is the initiator and founder of the integrative discipline Embodied Practice® and Founder and Master Teacher of the Professional Guild and Masterclass of Embodied Practice, an ongoing training program for experienced professionals and advanced students.

She is inventor of the somatic practice SYNTONICS®. She is a pioneer researcher and specialist in the application of the physical discipline of AUTHENTIC MOVEMENT to the creative/performing arts and specifically to voice, text, writing and the creation of original work. She is the founder and Animateur of the CASSANDRA PROJECT (2003) a creative performance and social collective based on the principles, guidelines and practices of Authentic Movement.

Judith has taught at numerous universities and conservatories, and has presented her work in an array of national and international festivals, professional institutions and conferences including The Theatre of Changes in Greece, the Banff School of Fine Arts, Universitatea Babes Bolyai Cluj Faculty of Theatre and Television in Romania. For several years, she taught at the National Theatre School of Canada. Since 2008 she has been regularly invited as artist/pedagogue to Compagnie Marie Chouinard. Most recently she is invited by Ms. Chouinard, (current Director of Dance at the Venice Biennale) to participate as faculty of somatic practices at the Biennale College-Dance during the Spring of 2017.

As Director of Movement at the National Voice Intensive of Canada since 1989, Judith’s EMBODIED PRACTICE® is one of the foundational pillars of the physical practice curriculum. She has made a major contribution to Canadian actor training through her mentorship of voice instructors who now teach an integrated vocal and physical practice.

Nearing her 80th year now, she continues to lead an active and full professional life pursuing her teaching and mentoring career. She is devoted to “making progress”, through deepening her research into EMBODIED PRACTICE and offering mentorship and support to her students and followers who are committed to continue and expand on her teachings.

A selection of her publications include: Forms of Feeling — Frames of Mind, in Contact Quarterly, Summer/Fall 2002, Vol.27, No.2 (Also in Greek translation in Education and Theatre, #7, 2007, Hellenic Theatre/Drama Education Network, Athens, Greece.); Making Sense, Getting Through: "The Word's Body" in Canadian Theatre Review, CTR 109, Winter 2002; The Pleasure of the Text: Embodying Classical Language in the Theatre Through the Practice of Authentic Movement in Authentic Movement. Volume Two; Moving the Body, Moving the Self, Being Moved. A Collection of Essays. (Patrizia Pallaro, Ed.) Jessica Kingsley, Publishers, London, UK, 2007

(For more details please consult the website: www.embodiedpractice-judithkoltai.com )