• What do we mean by “vocal instrument?”

    Your vocal instrument is much more than simply your voice box. It is the sum total of your physiological, emotional, imaginative, experiential and intellectual life. In other words, your vocal instrument is your entire being: body, mind, and spirit. read more in *Pedagogy

  • You call it an “intensive.” Are you exaggerating?

    There is no misnomer in the program's name. It is four of the most intense and fulfilling weeks you are likely to experience in your explorations as an artist. You can expect to be in session from 8am to at least 6pm, Monday through Friday. read more

  • I can stay with a friend in town. It’s free. Is this a good idea given the schedule?

    We appreciate the considerable financial commitment you have made by participating in the Intensive. If you can find accommodations that are economical, we'd say go for it. The only thing to keep in mind is commute time and the effect of that commute -- twice a day --  on your system, which will be experiencing many new sensations with each coming week. read more

  • You say we’re supposed to have Sonnet 64 memorized for the first day. Is this really true?

    It is. You will be speaking it either on the very first Sunday or in the afternoon of the first full day of sessions. Not having the words of your sonnet well memorized will distract you from committing to the initial explorations.

  • I took voice as part of my acting training. What does the Voice Intensive offer that I haven’t already experienced?

    The Voice Intensive is an opportunity for you to look at your craft through the particular window of voice work. In most conservatory programs, movement, text, and voice are separate aspects of the acting craft. At the Voice Intensive, these elements are integrated into a profound yet simple approach to digging in and digging deep. read more

  • Can I take time out for auditions and work?

    While at the Voice Intensive, it is disruptive to the process and the dynamic to miss sessions. Tell your agent you are unavailable during the Intensive. We understand auditions are a reality for a performer. Exceptions could be made for audition processes that were initiated prior to the beginning of the Intensive. If you can at all avoid working, do it. Part of the work of the Intensive is making a commitment to your self and to your practice. These days, time is a highly sought-after treasure. Give yourself this time to make the most of your work. 

  • Are the morning warm-ups optional? What about the evening sessions?

    The studio doors are open for personal warm up time from 8 - 8:30am. This time is optional. The group warm up, which begins promptly at 8:30, is not. You must be ready to go, in the room with the group at exactly 8:30am. The evening sessions are mandatory unless otherwise noted. They provide key information that enriches participants understanding of image and text.

  • Why Shakespeare? Why not more relevant, contemporary material?

    The nature of our work as actors and performing artists is to dive deep into our imaginations to discover rich impulses unique to each actor. Shakespearean text is the perfect material for our research and training for three reasons:

    • Though it can seem daunting, Shakespearean text is not so far removed from how we speak. With the help of an OED and armed with our curiosity, Shakespeare is not only accessible, but entirely relevant to the contemporary world.
    • The images he conjures, the words he uses (2,000 of which he made up himself!), the rhetoric he applies, and the characters he creates are excellent sources for the exploration of breath, impulse, image, action, and response.
    • Cracking the code of Shakespeare is challenging and exciting. If you had not had the opportunity, now is your chance.
  • What about accommodations?

    The VI does not provide accommodation, but we will provide resources to assist you in locating a place to stay.

  • Is parking available?

    There is parking available near Artscape for an hourly or daily cost.