Moving Series

The Moving Series is a workshop series designed to spread the work of core Voice Intensive faculty and their research across the country and beyond. Each workshop is specifically designed to introduce new participants to the integrated voice and movement practices and to be a refresher for those returning to the work. Stay tuned for workshops across the country and beyond.
Moving Voice

Moving Voice

Toronto Fall 2017

Back to Breath

A voice and movement workshop for performers with Voice Intensive director David Smukler and core faculty member Cindy Block.

September 10, 2017
10 am - 5pm

This workshop teaches the actor/performer to align their body with its vocal potential. The morning master teaching with Cindy Block will focus on individual/collective sound and movement practices which ground the speaker in their body in a public setting. The afternoon master teaching with David Smukler will focus on cultivating vocal clarity and breath/body work to create an authentic, powerful vocal presence and range. 

Gain access to exceptional movement and vocal tools, and the professional mentorship of Canada's National Voice Intensive's faculty, while building confidence in  your voice.    This workshop is ideal as a refresher for all Canada's National Voice Intensive alumni, and as an introduction for anyone interested in the program and curriculum. 

Full Day $75
Half Day $45


805 Dovercourt Road
Toronto, Ontario

Presented by lbs/sq” performance

Pre-registration required with payment by etransfer to

All proceeds from the workshop will be donated to Canada's National Voice Intensive's bursary program.

Also, this fall in Toronto...
with VI core faculty member Gerry Trentham
Tuesday and Thursday mornings in October 2017
presented by Fujiwara Dance Inventions

Moving Text

Moving Text

This workshop will focus on identifying and embodying through voice the movement inherent in text. Forms of movement will be explored, including argument, passion, action, recollection, kinaesthetic and emotion. The morning session will be a master teaching with Gerry Trentham and Dawn McCaugherty, investigating the movement of thought, image and intention through body, word and voice. The afternoon will be a master teaching with David Smukler, further developing and branching off into unique explorations of voice and text. Short passages of Shakespeare will be provided to participants in advance for use during the day.



A Moving Text workshop was recently presented at The Centre for Movement Arts
Bay #9 4005 9 Street SE in Calgary on January 15, Sunday from 10 - 4:30 at a cost of $90

Stay tuned for the next one.

Moving Breath

Moving Breath

Revitalize actor impulse through the sensate experience of the moving breath. You will practice allowing breath to move through you, without interference, in response to each moment. The workshop will offer breath, sound and movement investigations based on Middendorf Breathexperience and Voice Intensive practices. You will listen, move, sound and speak from the sensation of the movement of breath. The practices will inspire presence, resonance and responsiveness.

Moving Breath was recently presented in Vancouver in December 2016. Please stay tuned for any future offerings.