Scholarships & Bursaries

Over the years, our generous donors have contributed over $70,000 to the Voice Intensive program including scholarships and internship/participant bursaries that made it possible for many participants or associate teachers to attend who otherwise would not have been able to afford this opportunity.

We are accepting donations on an ongoing basis via our production organization, pounds per square inch performance. All donations to our producing charity are tax deductible. Please click here to donate now.

Voice Intensive Bursaries 

Each year there are a limited number of bursaries available for Voice Intensive participants. Bursaries are based on financial need and primarily dedicated to longer Intensives rather than Moving Series workshops. To apply, please submit a separate letter of request explaining your financial situation and particular circumstances. Bursaries normally range from $200-$300 and not all requests are met. If accepted for a bursary, you will receive a separate cheque once tuition is paid in full. 

Scholarships and Internships 

Also each year a very limited number of full scholarships or work study opportunities are offered to select participants that have enquired to the program well in advance. We have also, over the history of the program, offered associate teacher internships that help pay living experience for the associate faculty. For information about these program please contact


Our bursaries are available because of the generous donations made by:

Annie Newton
Jeffrey Simlett
Neil Silcox
Priya Rajaratnam
Samer Salem
Mani Nasry
Arthur Moukhortov
Catt Fillipov
Dawn McCaugherty
Lisa Ann Beley
Bradley Gibson
David Smukler
Cindy Block
Gayle Murphy
Judith Koltai
Gerry Trentham
Gary Logan
Pamela Alexander
Werner Artinger
Christine Berg
Valerie Campbell
Ruth and Michael Hood
Peggy Hope
Kevin McCormick
Paul Muir
Paula Rivera
Kirstin Hinton
Jason Jazrawy
Suzanne Bennett
Jennifer Dick
James Freeman
Elizabeth McLaughlin
Paula Taylor
Virgina Reh
Wendy Lyon
Peter Van Ware
Eric Armstrong 
Ines Buchli
Rebecca Carney
Eve Everette
Jason Hildebrand
Debora Joy
Joy Juckes
Irene Pauzer
Siobhan Power
Philip Shepherd
Lopa Sircar
John Snobelen
Cathy Sobocan
Michael Wacholtz
Patricia Tedford
Katharine Rajczak